To ensure the highest level of quality and consistency, we concentrate our services on core market sectors that reflect the strength and talent of our staff. Maru provides a full range of professional services in the seven market sectors listed below.

TRANSPORTATION and INFRASTRUCTURE: Maru provides a broad array of professional services to transportation and public works agencies for the design and construction of aviation facilities, bridges and highways, mass transit facilities, ports and harbors, and vehicular and rail tunnels.

TELECOMMUNICATION: Maru provides total turn-key services for the telecommunication and related industries including Wireless Deployments, Network Facilities, Data Centers and Satellite Systems.

POWER and ENERGY: Maru provides engineering and a full range of professional services, for both private and public power and energy generation facilities and transmission infrastructure, pipelines, and Smart Grid solutions for renewable and fossil energy projects.

INSTITUTIONS/EDUCATION/HEALTHCARE: Maru provides complete professional services within the Institutional, Educational and Health Care sectors. Whether for private foundations, public agencies, or corporations, we integrate ourapproach to engineering by leveraging our borad array of professional services to produce a comprehensive solution for our Clients. From new facilities to expansion/modernization to support infrastructure, our professionals contribute expert guidance during all phases of the project.

LAND PLANNING: Maru provides an integrated approach to land planning. Our planners and engineers have the capability to address issues necessary for the permitting and approval of residential, commercial, retail and industrial land planning projects.

MUNICIPAL: Maru provides engineering and planning services to municipalities; including roadway and bridge improvements, dams, water supply and sewer systems, public design and improvements, and stormwater.

WATER RESOURCES: Maru provides services for both public and private water resource projects in the following key areas: dams and reservoirs, source water development, stormwater and wastewater separation, wastewater treatment and collection systems, water storage facilities, water treatment and distribution facilities.